Exercise Plans: I have a couple different options here for both budget and body type. Both can be tailored to be in a gym or at home. At home plans may require you to purchase some at home equipment such as a stability ball, hand weights, or resistance bands.

Option 1: Basic plan of 4 weeks of exercise, tell me what your goals are and I will set up a basic plan of how to get there. I don’t like plans that give you 12 to 14 weeks at a time. Running 4 week cycles will keep you in-tune of what your body needs and how to tweak it. Check-ins once a week to update on progress or questions. $50.00

Option 2: 6 week detailed micro-cycle plan. This is for those wanting more than just weight loss. Checking in for any questions at anytime via text or email. This option also comes with a guide to supplementing. What to use, when to use it and how to use it safely. Don’t always trust that someone in a chain vitamin shop isn’t trying to up-sale you into buying stuff you really don’t need.$75.00

Payment Method’s accepted: Cash/PayPal