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Stop and Stare.

I am issuing you a challenge. Yes you reading this post right now. I want you to do this challenge and I want your feedback (publicly or privately). I need you to grab a piece of paper and something to write with.

Part one: I know for some of you stay at home parents this is going to be hard because you need a couple minutes alone.  Find a mirror- In your bedroom or bathroom where ever your biggest mirror is that is where I want you to go. Lock the door and drop all your clothes. (Get your mind out of the gutter).

Part two: Take a good look at yourself. Are you starting to pick yourself apart? Now grab your paper and pen and write down 5 negative things that come into your mind when you see your reflection. How quickly were you able to fill that list. I know for myself I could double that 5 pretty quickly.

Part three: Now is the hard part. Number 1-15 on the back side of your paper. I want you to list 15 things you love about yourself. At least 5 of the have to be physical attributes. That’s it your done fold this paper up and stick it in the back of a drawer where you hide all your other things you don’t want anyone to find. Re-visit it when you need a reason to remember that there are things that you love about yourself even when the scale or the reflection you see isn’t filling your cup.

Did you find part three to be a struggle? Why? Why is it so easy to tear ourselves down but it’s so hard to compliment ourselves?

Self-worth is NOT selfish. If you can radiate light in yourself imagine how easy it would be to radiate light towards others.  If you are one of the rare that was able to list dozens of reasons you love yourself, congratulations you beat the game. You already know that  Love spreads Love while Hate can only generate more Hate.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of your self first.

Happy Reading




My 5th Fit-iversary

I make it a point to celebrate this time every year. For all the failures in life this is something I am proud of. It’s been super hard work and some days I just want to give in and crawl under the covers but I soon remember I am not that person, I am a much stronger person and it’s okay to celebrate that. It doesn’t make me vain or selfish to be proud of something I have worked so hard for.

For those of you who don’t know my story (while it’s stamped in the post of this blog, here is a quick history.)

I have been fat, skinny, and every size in between.

However my favorite version of me is STRONG!

My youngest son starts 5th grade this year. On the week that he was starting Kindergarten I was smacked with the harsh reality my baby fat wasn’t really baby fat anymore! I was just overweight and unhappy. I had struggled with my weight for a long while and couldn’t get out of the 150-200 range. I was pretty much destined in my mind to stay there. Why not, I come from a family of bigger women, it’s my genetics right? I was badged with a hormone related incurable illness that well once again ends most women in the obese category so I had that crutch to proudly wave also. Wrong….just wrong! So I decided to make a change. I don’t dare say and never look back, because if we don’t look back it’s hard to remember why we started or how not to repeat the past. We study history in school for that reason why not apply that to our own lives? I look back on the days my skinny jeans don’t feel so skinny or going to the gym and putting in the extra effort just doesn’t seem worth it. Those are the days I turn to my history and remember I am not going to let it repeat itself.

I don’t write these post to smash my success in anyone’s face. I can promise you I still have imperfections (physically and mentally) and there are thousands of people in the world that look better than me. That’s one thing I have learned in this process. When you take the chance and toss your truth out there a few may not like it but somewhere in the world it will inspire someone to do better. Somewhere in their world they will become the light or inspiration for someone to make a positive change in their lives and thus is born a cycle of lifting up instead of tearing down. Some days we crash land in an open field of Ben & Jerry’s but there is always tomorrow and don’t you dare give up because someone somewhere is counting on you for support. If you can’t do it for yourself by gosh find someone you can do it for.

So.. Happy 5 years to me…

This one has been a tough one and it’s been a year with some major set backs. My own progress included there (see previous post for more info) but giving in isn’t in my DNA even if fried chicken and mashed potatoes happen to be! I have spent 5 years out of the obese column which isn’t something most “dieters” manage to accomplish. Trust me if I can do this, you can do this. You have to dig deep, find the rage, light the fire and only look back when it’s to see how far you have come.

Aug 2011-Aug 2016

Happy Reading

oXoX H

Knowing when to call for help

Quick reference here:

  • I am stubborn
  • I am a trainer
  • I do not like asking for help
  • I HATE going to doctors, with Endo. I feel like I’ve been enough in one lifetime.
  • Hate taking medication of any kind, I am horrible at even taking vitamins regularly.

So a few post ago I posted it was time for the summer shred down. Notice I never followed up with that. Well it’s part shame and embarrassment but it’s time to spill the beans. Normally I can cut out carbs and drop lbs. quickly but this time around it just wasn’t happening. I was training double time and getting zero results out of it. Which was in turn killing my motivation to continue to kill it. At the rate I was training you would think I would be mini Dana Linn Bailey (okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get where I am heading) instead here I am my scale is continuing to fluctuate my clothes are starting not to fit.

DanaLinn Bailey @danalinnbailey

When you wear compression pants daily and then try on your summer shorts it’s a bit of a shock that they don’t hold it all in like the yoga pants do!  So I made an appointment with my gyno who was gone and the PA was ZERO HELP! In fact I left there thinking this is why I freaking hate doctors. She basically told me I am over 30 now so accept this “new normal” UM NO THANK YOU! Never accept someone else’s goals for you. I am fine with I am over 30 so it’s not as easy as it used to be but I will never settle with I CAN’T.


For the record, fluctuating 6 to 10 lbs. in a week is no ones normal. I understand that time of the month but I am post hysterectomy so that isn’t an option.  Also you can’t gain fat that quickly. If it moves that much it’s fluid not fat.

So it’s mid June and we are heading to the beach for a week and my scale is hanging out between 134-138. The heaviest it has been since I originally lost weight. My diet is on point, I am training 6-8 times a week and nothing I own fits. Welcome back depression I so didn’t miss you at all. My training and happy place a.k.a the gym has been tainted and I am now forcing myself to go. If I don’t have anyone to train with I just don’t go at all. I am a trainer, I know in my brain that all this is just going to add to the problem instead of help turn in around but at this point the darkness in my brain is winning. This friends is where you need someone in your life that can tell your stubborn ass to snap out of it. Like knock it off and find a way to fix it.

One blood test later and guess what I am not flipping crazy, I mean I am still a decent amount of crazy but I know my body and I knew something wasn’t right. I had low testosterone and my T3 was decently low too.  I got a pellet testosterone injection, a water pill for my psycho retention and a low dose of thyroid medicine.

Two weeks later and I crawled on the scale to see it at 128! I sat on the floor and cried, reality I am still sitting here on the floor typing. Collage 2016-07-29 12_55_45

If you are reading this and thinking – what a B*&^% she is over there crying over almost weighing 140 and I am 4 times her size. I need to remind you that I have been in the 200 pound club and I do know what it feels like to be there and I work hard to not EVER be there again.

I also leave you with the excerpt from my new favorite blog!

Let me start by saying this: there will always be somebody who is better off than you, and somebody who is worse off than you. Let’s all stop for a second and acknowledge that although everybody has different body types, the feeling of being personally unsatisfied and self conscious about your body feels the same for everybody. It sucks. Being unhappy with your body feels as crappy for a size 4 woman, as it does for a size 14 woman, because feeling crappy… feels crappy. So if you’re reading this and thinking “Boo hoo, lady. I’ve never been a size 4 so how can you even complain?” do as I instructed all of my anti-induction friends in my previous post and poke yourself right in the eyeballs. (Side note: I haven’t been a size four since age four so I was obviously just using that size as an example).


So I guess the moral of my story is, IF (not until if) you have tried to everything on the right path for more than 5 weeks and nothing changes or the problem gets worse, then and only then am I going to say it’s time to see some help. Don’t expect quick changes, quick changes are not lasting changes. I am never one to run to a doctor for every little everything. I hate when people do that. Pumping medication into our bodies is being reactive to a problem that if you were proactive about in the first place probably wouldn’t have happened. However in this case, hormones aren’t something I can do a lot about on my own, the only good news was my estrogen levels were low but not low enough to be medicated. The little ovary that could is still alive! The last thing I want is another dang surgery to get it taken out already.  I could have chose the quick fix and went with a Phentermine, a Xanax, and some Ambien but that would have been a band-aid to the underlying. Also lovers of the crack (phentermine- you’ve done it, I have done it.. it’s crack in a pill form) use for long term has damaging effects on your thyroids ability to generate efficiently. Killing your thyroid is a fast track to obesity. Funny how something give for weight-loss can eventually send you running in the other direction. I am not being Judge Judy over here I am just stating facts of long term usage.

Until next time

Happy Reading-


Pick-a-Stick Bootcamp

I had to have some medical stuff done yesterday and needed to be on light duty so when it came time for bootcamp I had to make up something that didn’t require much of me instructing.  I always see these build a workout post on Pinterest (Pinterest Stick Workout) and so I had the idea I needed to modify it for my indoor class at the community center.

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby for extra fine paint markers and the large wooden sticks, I would say the size used for tongue depressors at the doctor’s office. I already had some paint at home in the cabinet so I just used that.  Spray the sticks and let them dry. I used one to test out the markers to see what would show up the best.  This class runs anywhere from 12-25 people so I did 12 sticks per color and really didn’t have a problem with repeats.

How it works:

3 colors = Upper Body, Lower Body, and yellow was combo moves. Each stick has 3 exercises on it to complete. (examples: Yellow- 14 Lunge Curls, 15 Jacks, 14 Plank Rows)

We have a small indoor track so they had to take a lap before they pulled a stick and you have to get a different color each time so that you get an even full body workout. We took a drink break about half way in but it easily filled the 55 minute class time.

I also put moves in for dumbbells because we have those on hand (nothing bigger than 10 lbs.) but it could easily be done with just body weight movements if you are outside or don’t have equipment on hand.


If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message!

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Time to kick out your kicks?

Today I want to talk about shoes, they can be the factor that makes or breaks your entire workout.  For the majority of the population, you walk into Foot Locker and see something that catches your eye. As long as it’s in your size and in your price range you buy it and off you go. Sad part of this is that most of the time it’s probably not the right shoe for your foot.  So I wanted to list some quick tips to make sure you aren’t wasting money on something that is going to kill your burn!

1.Fitting- First things first, we need to figure out what you need for support. Google your area and see if there is somewhere that actually does this near you.  If you are in the OKC area here is one I highly recommend. There is a video they take while you briefly trot on the treadmill that tells them how your feet move in action.  Also, try to go athletic shoe shopping mid to late day. Your feet have probably swelled up more than they were when you first got out of bed and they have been upright for 8 hours. This will give a more accurate size in the fullness department. I have gotten shoes before that mid-way through and exercise start squeezing the tops of my feet making me miserable.

Red Coyote Fit Analysis

If you don’t have any of these cool stores near you, never fear I have a solution to that also. Find a brown paper bag or in my case I used construction paper. I simply stood in the tub and got my feet wet, shake off the drips and firmly stand on the p20160703_112201aper with your weight evenly distributed! It’s not quite the same or a perfect description but it’s enough to point you in the right direction. You can take this in and show it to a shoe-xpert and they will be able to tell what kind of support you need.

*Side note- most people at bulk shoes stores aren’t qualified to do this. Take the time to find a running store even if you don’t end up buying them there. Stepping on that little metal shoe sizer does not determine anything about the design of your foot other than inches.  (Shoe carnival, payless, etc.)

2. Know your fitness- Basketball shoes are made for basketball. Running shoes are made for running. I think you get the point, I have faith your smart! Cross training shoes are probably the majority of your average shoes at a big box store. Which is okay but again, know your fit so you don’t buy the wrong shoes. It’s actually not a ploy set out by Nike to trick you into buying more shoes. They are designed to fit the specific needs of specific sports activities.  The wrong activity in the wrong shoes can lead to breakdown in your feet, shin splints, or worse injury. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

3. Budget- Know your checkbook, while I am a “get what you paid for” type of person it is also important to know that maybe you can’t afford $300 shoes.  Shoe markets are a lot like handbags, every season brings new styles while the old ones get shipped off to discount stores. So if you are a bargain shopper you can find some really great deals on last season’s models. Also go try on shoes and then check out online pricing before you make your final decision.

4. The Look- For the ladies this is the hardest thing to handle here.


I know you want to show up to Zumba in the brightest kicks and cause a headturn. Unless you have picked those out based on the fact that they are the exact fit you need.. KNOCK IT OFF! If you are hell bent on your one of a kind shoes, find the model you need and see if you can custom design them online (Nike & Reebok are good ones to use.) It will take longer to get them but if it’s in your budget you will probably be 100% satisfied.

5. Time- My last and hardest tip to follow for myself. Especially for my custom stupid expensive shoes. Let’s compare your body to your car. After so many miles you need an oil change or a shoe change. Yes, your shoes have a shelf life.

 The AAPSM has these guidelines for replacing the sneaks.

  • After roughly 300 to 500 miles of running or walking.
  • After roughly 45 to 60 hours of basketball, aerobic dance, tennis, or similar sports.
  • When there’s any noticeable wear to the mid-sole – the shoes look uneven when they’re placed on a flat surface.

Also just general time rule is 1 year. I am also going to add this is hard for me because I do have my favorite shoes I don’t want to part with. Going to have to work on this one.


Happy Reading


Simple Smart Choices

Off my last post I wanted to share my simple victory of the day. It really is small decisions every day that add into gaining success in the long run.

My victory today lies in lunch, I came home to my very hungry boys and a box of Hamburger Helper. Which happens to be one of my favorite things on earth. It’s the perfect combination of carby-sodium heaven! I am not exactly pleased with the way my mid section is looking right now so that is the last thing I need to eat. My trick is to cook for me first so that I was eating while their noodles were simmering and I was way to full to even think about going in for the kill!

So here is my lunch:

  • Egg Beaters
  • Avocado (small)
  • 1 Tbsp Shredded Cheese
  • Spinach (about a handful)
  • Salsa

This is a Timehop victory I also had today. You know somedays that app is a pain the the rear and shows up stuff we hadn’t forgotten for a reason! Well today 4 years ago I had posted some photos for before shots, we were starting Tapout XT this day. I had lost an oogle of weight and was a 117lbs bag of bones and skin a.k.a. skinny fat! Today while I am struggling with the scale I did feel so much better looking at these pictures. I love my muscles way more than those twiggy arms! So if you have questions about where to get started please don’t hesitate to ask!

Collage 2016-06-10 12_31_17

Happy Reading oXoX


Excuses you didn’t even know you were making.

This one is for the moms. I am going to let you in a a secret or maybe a lie you have been telling yourself almost everyday. It’s a habit that once you break it you will wonder why it took you so long to do.

As mom’s we are notorious for putting everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. From food to sports and beyond. We put the needs of our family right up there on top of the list above our own because that is what we are programed to do. But why? Mom-intimidation is a real life thing. The Pinterest moms of the world terrify normal moms who just struggle to get hamburger helper mixed up and onto a paper plate before 8 o’clock because we have been at the ball field all day. Next in the intimidation department are the trophy wives, you know the ones who look like they walked out of magazine first thing in the morning while you are doing your best to pull off your pjs in public!

How does this all fit into my world? Most people come to me because they aren’t happy with something about themselves. However, when meeting or talking with groups of women these are the excuses I hear at least 85% of the time. Face it we are women and convincing (ourselves or others) is wired into our brains.

-I can’t workout because I don’t have time because of……..(kids, sports, laundry, bookkeeping, work, it’s endless)

-I don’t have the will power to not eat what I am cooking and they won’t eat anything else.


First let’s talk about food. To some people cooking their families favorite meal is top notch comfort.  Some people even take it a notch further to feeling like they NEED to do stuff like this for their family or else. Well ponder for a second what “or else” looks like. Do you in honesty think your husband would disown you if you didn’t make chicken and waffles 3 days a week? If he would it’s probably time to get a new husband haha! Now kids, they tend to be picky so I understand that one but they too will survive without out Mac & Cheese for a few days. Or switch up to single serving dishes so you are not tempted. I know…. it’s mac & cheese it’s hard to say no to.

Second- Making time for exercise. I’ve preached for a long that that Exercise is the biggest word in the dictionary. I believe with all my heart that there is something that everyone will eventually enjoy and it takes some figuring out to see what you like the most so don’t give up based on 1 experience. From weightlifting to spin, zumba, bootcamp, pole class (yes I said POLE class, try it it’s fun and a good workout), yoga, walking, running, crossfit. I mean I could go on all day for this. Delaying a family activity or skipping  because of a family activity is a LAME excuse.  Budget is also a LAME excuse because there are exercises that require no equipment and zero dollars.  Maybe you physically are restricted and can’t lift weights.. Guess what you can do, GO FOR A DANG WALK! “I don’t have time” again LAME!!! Dozens of no equipment workouts out there (follow my Pinterest!) and a lot of gyms are open 24 hours a day.  Maybe you would just rather watch Grey’s Anatomy but even then, you can rock some commercial jumping jacks.

In all the excuse making (yes, some are good excuses) have you ever considered saying YES to yourself. Saying yes, I can give myself 45 minutes a day to exercise or saying Yes, we are going to eat grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner tonight. The biggest thing I can suggest is have some honest conversations, no only with yourself but with your family also.  If you tell your husband you really need to make some changes to help make you a happier person, I am going to put money on the table he wants you to be happy more than he cares about those waffles.  Your kids will understand missing one thing or running a little behind because Mommy had to decompress. Even if that’s a walk around the park while they play! The world we live in today is stressful and I can’t stress to you enough that exercise is a natural way to get all the gunk out of our bodies. It can be a therapy session right along with a physical session.

I am not 100% sure on this but let’s go with my secret is pretty much the same secret as Victoria’s… It’s okay to be a little selfish and invest in yourself every now and then. The world will keep turning and life will keep moving, there is just a chance you will enjoy it a little more!

Diary of a mad momma

Preview: a few days ago I received a message about getting featured on an instagram account. I had to pay him to do it and that’s not my style.

Flash forward 2 days. Life has been so crazy that one actually blocked off this whole weekend to catch up on my personal life. No work, minus a 5 minute call yesterday. I never answered his message (that was a Monday task) he messaged me again last night while I was at dinner with friends and again I didn’t answer. So today I got an abrupt “have some decency and answer me message”- again family time no work at all. So I replied when I got home this evening with a simple ” I’m a very small business and a struggling oilfield family, paying to boost my followers on instagram isn’t in my deck of cards right now”

The response I got was so long it kept scrolling on my home screen for a good minute. Something about fake, weak, loser blah blah. By the time I opened it he has already blocked my account so I couldn’t read what he said. What the Frack dude. So here is my rant and I know I’m not the only one …

I’m 100% real, the good and the bad. My LinkedIn & Instagram get messages like this all the time. I always decline because while I don’t have 40k or 100m followers the ones I do have are because they clicked like all by themselves not because some page posted a half naked promo photo of me (that irks me too). Why do we as women have to post skanky booty shots for someone to say wow look at her hard work?

I get paying for a Facebook add here or there, I am a huge pro-social media person. If you don’t have social media as a small business it’s deadly. But I refuse to compromise me for it. I already have trouble sleeping I don’t need the added help.  All these insta-famous athletes have been in the hot seat lately for being fraud or fake in one way or another. I have no interest in being like them.

I am privileged enough to not only get to add some letters after my name but people trust me with the most sensitive parts of their world. They put there trust in me to help them change their lives. That’s a huge deal people! I don’t always have the answers but I’m always in search of soaking up more knowledge to get them. Part of this is why I don’t chose to brand with any one specific company. It would be really easy to push something on someone putting all their trust in me. It would also be some quick cash too, but it’s not honest and it’s not legit. I’d rather build my empire 1 brick a day over paying someone to take the shortcut.

In short any plan (lifestyle or diet)that is extreme in any way other than extreme dedication isn’t going to be long term.

Pardon the angry ranting it’s not my usual style but good gravy this had me riled up.


Happy reading

oXoX H




3 Weeks In!

Hi my name is Hailey, it’s been 3 weeks since I left behind the carb life!

As much as I say that with sarcasm it really has been hard. Today on my weigh-in check I was 6lbs down and that deserved a happy dance. So here is what I have been doing.

Week 1- I went really low with my carbs. I think I had been doing about 240-250 mostly clean carbs a day. So when I dropped to 50-75 I hit the energy wall really quickly.  I also have a bad habit of associated my feelings with food so this has been a real struggle too. I got some choc. pb shakes and Lenny & Larry cookies to help me out in desperate times. I also did a cleanse this week (I’ll post the link below) which helped me over a 4 lbs hurdle but then I got the stomach flu and to be when I don’t eat solid food for 3 days I start to gain weight so my 4 lbs was then up to where I started. Also adding my energy/strength in the gym was totally gone which made the emotional part even worse. My happy place hasn’t been so happy lately. I ended week 1 with a wagon fall, but I knew it was coming so I adjusted the rest of the day knowing I was going to have alcohol and chips & salsa then came that stomach flu. Probably karma for eating the chips 🙂

Week 2- I started carb cycling this week.  Which came with a more steady energy level instead of extreme high and extreme low. I wouldn’t say my strength was back to normal but it was at least to a mid point and I could at least be happy about walking through the doors of the gym.

Week 3- The scale victory was a huge push in not giving up. I’ve said before I attach food to emotions and life has given me enough reasons lately that I want to build a Reece’s Cup castle and eat every last one. Below I am going to link everything I am using to survive. I say survive because for a lot of us (men,women, children) our health especially where weight is concerned is a struggle. I know people who struggle to gain and who struggle to lose. For some of us it will be a lifelong battle.  If you have any questions about any of them please feel free to ask!

Cleanse – This is a full 7 days but I just took the night time dosage. It was enough for me!

Shake – I have these in Vanilla, Choc. PB, & Cookies & Cream. They are super filling and do enough for my sweet tooth!

Fat Burner (Thermo) – I take these when I just don’t have the energy to function. I don’t often recommend them because usually I have a bad reaction and then can’t sleep. This doesn’t bother me as long as I take it before 2pm and it doesn’t give me hives and jitters.

Ordering through my wholesale link (provided) gets you a discount and free shipping!

You’re Welcome

Lenny & Larry Cookies – on the 8th day.. He made cookies! Okay maybe not but it feels that way to me! Also Vitamin Shoppe sends lots of coupons if you do their rewards program.

Hippy Happiness – Yes I am slowly becoming a hippy. My anxiety has been sky high, which often leads to the crash of extreme low. I have slowly been figuring out to learn to reach for some oils instead of reaching for food to medicate or even worse medication itself. I will never preach to be above my clients. I am about as honest as person can get here, it’s a struggle and I found a way to help tip the scales in my favor! I could go on to how using essential oils is helping everyone in my house(even the furry kids) but that’s for another post!


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