EDIT:I typed this 3 months ago and never published it because I was teetering between it’s none of your damn business and I am not ashamed anymore so here it is.

I always preach about being an open book and some days that bites me in the ass! So since it seems to be a hot topic for gossip and someone let the cat out of the bag.

I have worked very hard to have the body I want to have. There is a very large thing hindering that from happening. You see when I didn’t care squat about myself and let my health get largely out of control ( this is me owning it and not using my issues as a crutch) I was a big girl. No secret there, so I have managed to make most of my body look like I am not a spokes person for a tire company, my stomach will not get with the program. It’s skin, it hangs, it’s gross and nothing will change that except having it removed.  There it is.. I am having a tummy tuck!

I saw Dr. Jones and while he gave me a really great pep talk about how far I have come, that it wasn’t fat- it’s skin, that I really did have abs under there with maybe a small separation that hopefully isn’t even worth dealing with, some scar tissue, and how proud I should be. He also followed with deflated balloons never look the same. So removing it is my option on the table.

Before you jump to being Judgemental Judy: I have had almost a year to process this, almost a year to make the decision and don’t think that everything you are going to say hasn’t already gone through my mind.  On a good day I am a size 2-4 which should be enough right? Then comes the mom guilt, followed by spending the money on myself. Taking time off in my business can be seriously detrimental to my career. I will have to have my favorite tattoo fixed because part of it will be removed. I HAVE THOUGHT OF ALL THE REASONS WHY NOT. However I am settling on I am doing this for me, because I have worked hard and I deserve this!

Flash Foward: Surgery was November 2nd. I will be post a new update soon, I am still super swollen and recovering but doing great!