Recently I spent a weekend out in the sticks, sketchy cell phone service and all. Also let’s talk about this cabin for a few… This swing was on the 2nd floor balcony and I spent both mornings up here just chilling with nothing but coffee and the sound of the critters in the woods!(I will leave a link to the cabin info at the bottom of this post, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.)

So anyway this was a much needed trip to reset the clocks and clear the mind. I know I am not the only one who completely over loads my life to the point where by the end of the day I have zero time for myself. It’s never that I do it intentionally but between work and the mom life it just happens. So my goal is to force more time for me and more time for my friends because laughing definitely is good for the soul!

Now while I am no “me time” expert I am pretty sure that my kids won’t starve to death or need counseling from the lack of attention they get. I know some of you are just so terrified that if for one second you aren’t there for your children that the world will come crashing down… it won’t. The laundry and dirty house will still be there… like no seriously no one else will touch it while you are gone because that is where the end of the world happens! BUT everyone will be okay when you check back in! The same goes for you work-o-holics.  Work will still be there and you might actually be revived enough to tackle the stack in the corner of your office!

So shut off the notifications, put down the iPad, and relax and have some fun! After all it’s summer time enjoy it!

This is the link to the cabin we stayed at. It deserves all the of 5 stars I give it.  Broken Bow/Hochatown is a gorgeous area full of fun outdoor stuff. With access to both the lake & the river, whatever water sports you decide to try are available.  We went kayaking which was a blast it was my first time and I was really surprised that I loved every second of it. Even getting stuck on the rocks in the middle of some falls lol. I will add the link to that below also! Lastly, adult stuff……. with several wineries, a distillery, and 2 breweries this small community meets all of your adult tasting needs.

Bear Mountain Lodging- Rustic Romance

Yippe Kayo Kayaks



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