I had already written this out when she sent me these new updates photos yesterday so I had to do some tweaking because um WOW!! This month I am featuring Jess. Jess and I came to know each other through a mixed up photo during our times doing Body By Vi. We have a lot in common as far as our journeys through the scales. What inspires me about her is not that first leap we made to come out of the fluffy factory. Don’t get me wrong it was hard, but when life hit’s you again and again and even though you may trip 9 times in the mud of life she continues to get back up. Sometimes it takes long conversations with others or even long conversations with yourself but she still get back up!


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As you can read in this photo this was about 2 months before getting pregnant with baby number three.  Keep in mind by this point home girl has had twins and dropped an OOGLE of weight.


This is where life gets ugly! After baby number three Jess began struggling to get the weight off. As many of us experienced, carrying children often decreases our thyroid function. Myself included in that. Battling hormones is quite possibly one of the most frustrating health issues ever. No matter what you do or put into your body sometimes it’s just never enough. Once you are in check it can be the slightest little thing that kicks you out of wack and then poof you’re back on the struggle bus again.


As if that wasn’t enough to drive you batty. Life then dealt her Psoriasis. What do doctors give you for this? STERIODS!! So have fun trying to lose weight while your body is retaining every little everything people.20170301_072907 Having myself battled my body more than times than I can count, it’s so easy to just give in. You have a bad day or two and your emotions get the best of you and all the sudden you are deep into the river of depression. You do not want to be seen, or touched, or even communicate with the outside world. All the sudden the fun loving life person you were gets locked into a closet and they key is tossed in the opposite direction.

I wish I could say that is all this amazing girl has had to overcome. Her most recently battle has been being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. Which explains the thyroid issues. In one hand there is a sense of relief when you get a diagnosis because it proves to yourself and the world that you really aren’t crazy. That there is actually something wrong and it’s not all in your head. On the other hand this is her 2nd auto immune diagnoses.

Come December: None of this has killed her or her spirit. We started with some short intense HIIT workouts. She has a super busy schedule and 25-30 minutes was the max time she could fit into her schedule. So HIIT was a perfect choice. I am pretty sure if I sent her one more workout with a mountain climber that she was going to figure out how to punch me through Facetime! She keeps going though because well that is what she is, she is a fighter even if she doesn’t always realize it herself.  This photo is December to Feb. 28th. People she dropped like 19 lbs. in December. I am pretty sure most of us found the weight she managed to drop that month in a sugar cookie coma 🙂img_1568


So at the end of the day when ALL THIS is going on. On top of everyday mom/wife/family life and drama we all go through, she refuses to give up.

So what is your excuse?


Happy Reading oXox