It always means the world to me when I can hear that something I did or posted inspired someone. So today I wanted to give a couple shout out’s to people who are killing it and inspire me! My goal is to feature a couple of you every month who keep my spirits up and keep my drive inspired. If I put you all in one post it would be so long that you’d never read through it! So sorry in advance for snatching your photo’s but they really were too amazing for the world not to see.


First up- Amber

Amber is a mommy and rockstar hairstylist. She first started coming to my classes in the spring and I instantly though she was adorable but now people she’s smoking hot! Not just her physical appearance has changed either, her confidence is radiant! fb_img_1487095818793

Next up is Ms. Natalie

I think the first time I met her she made it well known she was not at the gym by choice but because she was being dragged by a friend. I laughed because it so much reminded me of ME. Now she is 100% a regular in our gym, kicks butt with some of my most advanced people, and has even worn out a pair of choice legitly working out.


Last up for today:

Ms. Danyell WHO HAS LOST 100LBS. PEOPLE! 1-0-0 POUNDS……

Her hard work and dedication to making healthy changes puts a smile on my face every time she makes a post. You can just tell when it clicks for someone and the puzzle pieces start sliding right into place. She knows enough to know it’s not an easy ride but she keeps battling it anyway and that makes my heart happy. I left this photo as a screenshot so you can all go follow her Instagram and see how amazing she’s doing!