I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple weeks now but life got in the way as usual!

Onto this awesomeness.. I have a client who entered into an 8 week weight-loss challenge. She really wanted a before and after shot she could be proud of and boy was that ever what she got.  I cross-train with her twice a week, pretty heavy on the weights and mix in some cardio also. I am not a running fan so that is rarely what I chose for my clients. We did do some sprints but if I had to choose the most used option it would be jump ropes and stationary bike.

I was beyond excited to see all that hard work pay off when she sent me these photos. She even had a week in there she had to be away at Camp with her daughter so I guess that’s really 7 weeks of training. I mean look at her abs and back muscles!!


Don’t be afraid of those weights ladies, they will do more for you than that treadmill ever dreamed of!  If your lost in that department, shoot me a message, I would love to help. img_20161119_122015