How can I change my body? It’s the question trainers get every single time someone comes to us. How to make it bigger, smaller, less flabby, less saggy. The options here are endless but the solution is simple math.

Surplus vs Deficit

It’s really that simple. Any change in the body is simply because there has been a tip in the balancing act either in one direction or the other. Let’s break this down further shall we?

Deficit- to lost weight we need to create a deficit. Our bodies run like a scale when we give it the perfect amount of nutrients and energy it will balance evenly. So in theory the average healthy person burns 1,200-ish calories just being awake and breathing a day. If you’re not in that “average” category that changes that number of balance. Thus we must tip the scales for any real change to happen.  However if you have ever tip the scales to an extreme you know that they can easily bottom out and tip over.  So any plan that wants to take your activity or nutritional level to the extremes for too long of time ends up tipping us instead of creating a lasting effect.

Surplus – maybe loss isn’t what you’re interested in. In that case to grow we must create a surplus. This can be done in several ways and there are so many debates on how to successfully “bulk” I dare not go into it here. My advice there is find a trainer who shares the same ideals as you do when it comes down to it.



We feed so much into societies latest trends of what is going to make us perfect. When it really does just come down to a simple balancing act. In order to balance the scales you must balance the energy and the nutrients that goes into the body. If losing weight is what you desire then tip the scales gently as to not tip it over. Adding moderation to one side will get you to your goals for lasting efficiency. In a surplus goal I recommend the same thing moderation over extreme.