I am issuing you a challenge. Yes you reading this post right now. I want you to do this challenge and I want your feedback (publicly or privately). I need you to grab a piece of paper and something to write with.

Part one: I know for some of you stay at home parents this is going to be hard because you need a couple minutes alone.  Find a mirror- In your bedroom or bathroom where ever your biggest mirror is that is where I want you to go. Lock the door and drop all your clothes. (Get your mind out of the gutter).

Part two: Take a good look at yourself. Are you starting to pick yourself apart? Now grab your paper and pen and write down 5 negative things that come into your mind when you see your reflection. How quickly were you able to fill that list. I know for myself I could double that 5 pretty quickly.

Part three: Now is the hard part. Number 1-15 on the back side of your paper. I want you to list 15 things you love about yourself. At least 5 of the have to be physical attributes. That’s it your done fold this paper up and stick it in the back of a drawer where you hide all your other things you don’t want anyone to find. Re-visit it when you need a reason to remember that there are things that you love about yourself even when the scale or the reflection you see isn’t filling your cup.

Did you find part three to be a struggle? Why? Why is it so easy to tear ourselves down but it’s so hard to compliment ourselves?

Self-worth is NOT selfish. If you can radiate light in yourself imagine how easy it would be to radiate light towards others.  If you are one of the rare that was able to list dozens of reasons you love yourself, congratulations you beat the game. You already know that  Love spreads Love while Hate can only generate more Hate.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of your self first.

Happy Reading