I make it a point to celebrate this time every year. For all the failures in life this is something I am proud of. It’s been super hard work and some days I just want to give in and crawl under the covers but I soon remember I am not that person, I am a much stronger person and it’s okay to celebrate that. It doesn’t make me vain or selfish to be proud of something I have worked so hard for.

For those of you who don’t know my story (while it’s stamped in the post of this blog, here is a quick history.)

I have been fat, skinny, and every size in between.

However my favorite version of me is STRONG!

My youngest son starts 5th grade this year. On the week that he was starting Kindergarten I was smacked with the harsh reality my baby fat wasn’t really baby fat anymore! I was just overweight and unhappy. I had struggled with my weight for a long while and couldn’t get out of the 150-200 range. I was pretty much destined in my mind to stay there. Why not, I come from a family of bigger women, it’s my genetics right? I was badged with a hormone related incurable illness that well once again ends most women in the obese category so I had that crutch to proudly wave also. Wrong….just wrong! So I decided to make a change. I don’t dare say and never look back, because if we don’t look back it’s hard to remember why we started or how not to repeat the past. We study history in school for that reason why not apply that to our own lives? I look back on the days my skinny jeans don’t feel so skinny or going to the gym and putting in the extra effort just doesn’t seem worth it. Those are the days I turn to my history and remember I am not going to let it repeat itself.

I don’t write these post to smash my success in anyone’s face. I can promise you I still have imperfections (physically and mentally) and there are thousands of people in the world that look better than me. That’s one thing I have learned in this process. When you take the chance and toss your truth out there a few may not like it but somewhere in the world it will inspire someone to do better. Somewhere in their world they will become the light or inspiration for someone to make a positive change in their lives and thus is born a cycle of lifting up instead of tearing down. Some days we crash land in an open field of Ben & Jerry’s but there is always tomorrow and don’t you dare give up because someone somewhere is counting on you for support. If you can’t do it for yourself by gosh find someone you can do it for.

So.. Happy 5 years to me…

This one has been a tough one and it’s been a year with some major set backs. My own progress included there (see previous post for more info) but giving in isn’t in my DNA even if fried chicken and mashed potatoes happen to be! I have spent 5 years out of the obese column which isn’t something most “dieters” manage to accomplish. Trust me if I can do this, you can do this. You have to dig deep, find the rage, light the fire and only look back when it’s to see how far you have come.

Aug 2011-Aug 2016

Happy Reading

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