I had to have some medical stuff done yesterday and needed to be on light duty so when it came time for bootcamp I had to make up something that didn’t require much of me instructing.  I always see these build a workout post on Pinterest (Pinterest Stick Workout) and so I had the idea I needed to modify it for my indoor class at the community center.

A quick trip to Hobby Lobby for extra fine paint markers and the large wooden sticks, I would say the size used for tongue depressors at the doctor’s office. I already had some paint at home in the cabinet so I just used that.  Spray the sticks and let them dry. I used one to test out the markers to see what would show up the best.  This class runs anywhere from 12-25 people so I did 12 sticks per color and really didn’t have a problem with repeats.

How it works:

3 colors = Upper Body, Lower Body, and yellow was combo moves. Each stick has 3 exercises on it to complete. (examples: Yellow- 14 Lunge Curls, 15 Jacks, 14 Plank Rows)

We have a small indoor track so they had to take a lap before they pulled a stick and you have to get a different color each time so that you get an even full body workout. We took a drink break about half way in but it easily filled the 55 minute class time.

I also put moves in for dumbbells because we have those on hand (nothing bigger than 10 lbs.) but it could easily be done with just body weight movements if you are outside or don’t have equipment on hand.


If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message!

Happy Reading