This one is for the moms. I am going to let you in a a secret or maybe a lie you have been telling yourself almost everyday. It’s a habit that once you break it you will wonder why it took you so long to do.

As mom’s we are notorious for putting everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. From food to sports and beyond. We put the needs of our family right up there on top of the list above our own because that is what we are programed to do. But why? Mom-intimidation is a real life thing. The Pinterest moms of the world terrify normal moms who just struggle to get hamburger helper mixed up and onto a paper plate before 8 o’clock because we have been at the ball field all day. Next in the intimidation department are the trophy wives, you know the ones who look like they walked out of magazine first thing in the morning while you are doing your best to pull off your pjs in public!

How does this all fit into my world? Most people come to me because they aren’t happy with something about themselves. However, when meeting or talking with groups of women these are the excuses I hear at least 85% of the time. Face it we are women and convincing (ourselves or others) is wired into our brains.

-I can’t workout because I don’t have time because of……..(kids, sports, laundry, bookkeeping, work, it’s endless)

-I don’t have the will power to not eat what I am cooking and they won’t eat anything else.


First let’s talk about food. To some people cooking their families favorite meal is top notch comfort.  Some people even take it a notch further to feeling like they NEED to do stuff like this for their family or else. Well ponder for a second what “or else” looks like. Do you in honesty think your husband would disown you if you didn’t make chicken and waffles 3 days a week? If he would it’s probably time to get a new husband haha! Now kids, they tend to be picky so I understand that one but they too will survive without out Mac & Cheese for a few days. Or switch up to single serving dishes so you are not tempted. I know…. it’s mac & cheese it’s hard to say no to.

Second- Making time for exercise. I’ve preached for a long that that Exercise is the biggest word in the dictionary. I believe with all my heart that there is something that everyone will eventually enjoy and it takes some figuring out to see what you like the most so don’t give up based on 1 experience. From weightlifting to spin, zumba, bootcamp, pole class (yes I said POLE class, try it it’s fun and a good workout), yoga, walking, running, crossfit. I mean I could go on all day for this. Delaying a family activity or skipping  because of a family activity is a LAME excuse.  Budget is also a LAME excuse because there are exercises that require no equipment and zero dollars.  Maybe you physically are restricted and can’t lift weights.. Guess what you can do, GO FOR A DANG WALK! “I don’t have time” again LAME!!! Dozens of no equipment workouts out there (follow my Pinterest!) and a lot of gyms are open 24 hours a day.  Maybe you would just rather watch Grey’s Anatomy but even then, you can rock some commercial jumping jacks.

In all the excuse making (yes, some are good excuses) have you ever considered saying YES to yourself. Saying yes, I can give myself 45 minutes a day to exercise or saying Yes, we are going to eat grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner tonight. The biggest thing I can suggest is have some honest conversations, no only with yourself but with your family also.  If you tell your husband you really need to make some changes to help make you a happier person, I am going to put money on the table he wants you to be happy more than he cares about those waffles.  Your kids will understand missing one thing or running a little behind because Mommy had to decompress. Even if that’s a walk around the park while they play! The world we live in today is stressful and I can’t stress to you enough that exercise is a natural way to get all the gunk out of our bodies. It can be a therapy session right along with a physical session.

I am not 100% sure on this but let’s go with my secret is pretty much the same secret as Victoria’s… It’s okay to be a little selfish and invest in yourself every now and then. The world will keep turning and life will keep moving, there is just a chance you will enjoy it a little more!