Preview: a few days ago I received a message about getting featured on an instagram account. I had to pay him to do it and that’s not my style.

Flash forward 2 days. Life has been so crazy that one actually blocked off this whole weekend to catch up on my personal life. No work, minus a 5 minute call yesterday. I never answered his message (that was a Monday task) he messaged me again last night while I was at dinner with friends and again I didn’t answer. So today I got an abrupt “have some decency and answer me message”- again family time no work at all. So I replied when I got home this evening with a simple ” I’m a very small business and a struggling oilfield family, paying to boost my followers on instagram isn’t in my deck of cards right now”

The response I got was so long it kept scrolling on my home screen for a good minute. Something about fake, weak, loser blah blah. By the time I opened it he has already blocked my account so I couldn’t read what he said. What the Frack dude. So here is my rant and I know I’m not the only one …

I’m 100% real, the good and the bad. My LinkedIn & Instagram get messages like this all the time. I always decline because while I don’t have 40k or 100m followers the ones I do have are because they clicked like all by themselves not because some page posted a half naked promo photo of me (that irks me too). Why do we as women have to post skanky booty shots for someone to say wow look at her hard work?

I get paying for a Facebook add here or there, I am a huge pro-social media person. If you don’t have social media as a small business it’s deadly. But I refuse to compromise me for it. I already have trouble sleeping I don’t need the added help.  All these insta-famous athletes have been in the hot seat lately for being fraud or fake in one way or another. I have no interest in being like them.

I am privileged enough to not only get to add some letters after my name but people trust me with the most sensitive parts of their world. They put there trust in me to help them change their lives. That’s a huge deal people! I don’t always have the answers but I’m always in search of soaking up more knowledge to get them. Part of this is why I don’t chose to brand with any one specific company. It would be really easy to push something on someone putting all their trust in me. It would also be some quick cash too, but it’s not honest and it’s not legit. I’d rather build my empire 1 brick a day over paying someone to take the shortcut.

In short any plan (lifestyle or diet)that is extreme in any way other than extreme dedication isn’t going to be long term.

Pardon the angry ranting it’s not my usual style but good gravy this had me riled up.


Happy reading

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