Hi my name is Hailey, it’s been 3 weeks since I left behind the carb life!

As much as I say that with sarcasm it really has been hard. Today on my weigh-in check I was 6lbs down and that deserved a happy dance. So here is what I have been doing.

Week 1- I went really low with my carbs. I think I had been doing about 240-250 mostly clean carbs a day. So when I dropped to 50-75 I hit the energy wall really quickly.  I also have a bad habit of associated my feelings with food so this has been a real struggle too. I got some choc. pb shakes and Lenny & Larry cookies to help me out in desperate times. I also did a cleanse this week (I’ll post the link below) which helped me over a 4 lbs hurdle but then I got the stomach flu and to be when I don’t eat solid food for 3 days I start to gain weight so my 4 lbs was then up to where I started. Also adding my energy/strength in the gym was totally gone which made the emotional part even worse. My happy place hasn’t been so happy lately. I ended week 1 with a wagon fall, but I knew it was coming so I adjusted the rest of the day knowing I was going to have alcohol and chips & salsa then came that stomach flu. Probably karma for eating the chips 🙂

Week 2- I started carb cycling this week.  Which came with a more steady energy level instead of extreme high and extreme low. I wouldn’t say my strength was back to normal but it was at least to a mid point and I could at least be happy about walking through the doors of the gym.

Week 3- The scale victory was a huge push in not giving up. I’ve said before I attach food to emotions and life has given me enough reasons lately that I want to build a Reece’s Cup castle and eat every last one. Below I am going to link everything I am using to survive. I say survive because for a lot of us (men,women, children) our health especially where weight is concerned is a struggle. I know people who struggle to gain and who struggle to lose. For some of us it will be a lifelong battle.  If you have any questions about any of them please feel free to ask!

Cleanse – This is a full 7 days but I just took the night time dosage. It was enough for me!

Shake – I have these in Vanilla, Choc. PB, & Cookies & Cream. They are super filling and do enough for my sweet tooth!

Fat Burner (Thermo) – I take these when I just don’t have the energy to function. I don’t often recommend them because usually I have a bad reaction and then can’t sleep. This doesn’t bother me as long as I take it before 2pm and it doesn’t give me hives and jitters.

Ordering through my wholesale link (provided) gets you a discount and free shipping!

You’re Welcome

Lenny & Larry Cookies – on the 8th day.. He made cookies! Okay maybe not but it feels that way to me! Also Vitamin Shoppe sends lots of coupons if you do their rewards program.

Hippy Happiness – Yes I am slowly becoming a hippy. My anxiety has been sky high, which often leads to the crash of extreme low. I have slowly been figuring out to learn to reach for some oils instead of reaching for food to medicate or even worse medication itself. I will never preach to be above my clients. I am about as honest as person can get here, it’s a struggle and I found a way to help tip the scales in my favor! I could go on to how using essential oils is helping everyone in my house(even the furry kids) but that’s for another post!