If you missed my last post about it being 9 weeks till Summer, some of this isn’t going to make any sense!

Well I managed to avoid the scale for the majority of the winter. I knew that in order to pack on some muscle I was going to need to loosen the reigns and gain some pounds. For a former-fat/scale junkie this was horrible in my head. It’s also been kinda horrible in reality. My clothes still all fit but I managed to put on about 10 lbs. With the not clean diet also came some Endometriosis flares and those are never fun. In one 24 hour period I went from being 127 lbs to 134lbs. That is also painful, who knew a girl with no uterus could bloat and cramp? I’ve also had more migraines in the last 3 months than in the last 2 years, I probably have a lot more stress in my personal life right now so that could always attribute to that too. So being as my clothes still fit I am going with all that weight has to be mostly muscle 🙂   I also managed to hit some pretty awesome personal records in the weightlifting department so if those extra pounds aided in that then they are worth it!

So now what?


Yesterday started my 9 weeks till summer cutdown. I have been eating about 2200 calories a day, most of the time that has been decent food and a few WAHOO CHOCOLATE excursions along the way. I measured and caliper tested and climbed on that stupid scale.

In order to come back down I need to peel off the fat, I am not a lover of the cardio so I have chosen to drop calories and add more cardio in instead of eating the same about and creating a deficit by doing endless hours of cardio ( ick..vomit…gross) I set my goal at 1850 calories although that has been harder to hit than 2200 which sounds weird I know! Today I am cranky, carb deprived and feeling sorry for myself. Taking these photos was a real blow to my self-esteem. It is part of the process and it’s just a pit stop in the over all journey. Some days being a woman with all these gooey emotions is just a pain! I would love to call this a #motivationalMonday post but for me it’s more along the lines of #noMotivationMonday. So I added in an old photo to remind me that I am okay, I am not who I used to be and I do not look like I used to look.It is my active rest day in my training schedule so I chose to do some cardio.  Came home and took a Burn1 and got on with my day! Not every day can be sunshine and roses, somedays you need to bask in the rain let the tears fall and take a nap. Pick yourself up and get back on the road. Pit stops are just that, rain showers are not hurricanes and enjoy the trip because even if you don’t know it someone is watching and wishing they part of your bumpy ride! Below is my cardio routine for today. In all it was about 45 minutes of solid sweat! I am sure the office ladies at my kids school smelled me when I got out of the car to get my kid some medicine!

  • 20 minutes of interval stairs
  • 1,000 meters of rowing
  • 15 minutes of steady pace elliptical


Current Goal: Find the flat stomach, search for my lost abs, break up with yummy sugary carbs of goodness!

Happy Reading-


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