If you are a parent or a student chances are your life tends to revolve around the school year. Most of the world has long forgotten about their New Year’s Resolutions by now until Target starts rolling out the swim suits and the panic sets in. The week following Spring Break marks 9 weeks until summer break aka BIKINI SEASON!!! I know to most of us that gives oogles of anxiety.

The greatest way to do it is to not do it alone. Gather a group of people for a slim down challenge. I have a group of friends who are going to start their 2nd round. The New Year’s round was $100 bucks to enter and 8 weeks long. They went by a percentage of loss rate to determine the winners. Now this round they doubled the people and cut the cost in half, but the same concept of weight-loss percentage for the determining factor.

Money and competitive nature really does motivate people. Percentage of loss is the best way to do it across an even playing field. Below is a quick link you can use to figure percentages without all the crazy math problems. I will also add some quick tips at the bottom for starting your own challenge.

Percentage Calculator

Bryan and I aren’t really on a weight-loss path. Yes we will drop lbs but the goal is to really drop body fat percentage. So for us we will be caliper testing (link below) you have to have a caliper which aren’t really east to find anymore but you can order them online. Mostly we will be switching our intake from maintain mode and using carb cycling instead of the current program I have been working which is more like eat every dang carb you can see.

Caliper Testing

Setting up your Challenge

When deciding you’re going to start a challenge group here are some tips:

  • What will your incentive be for winning? Cash, giftcards, spa services.. the possibilities are really endless. This also depends on your crowd.
  • How many people will be involved?
  • Decide cost to enter vs prize to win. Will you give one grand prize or multiple places to encourage more? I also suggest if you are choosing money as a prize you state it’s a CASH only entrance!
  • Set up a group to communicate with your group. Facebook is usually the obvious choice but if you find not everyone has a page I suggest an app such as GroupMe. Excluding people kills your groups motivation.
  • Set rules for your group. Is your challenge an anything goes or are there limits to what you can use to lose weight? I also suggest a clause of no soliciting in your group conversations. If someone wishes to ask about a product it is okay to answer but not to be negative in any manner or a pushy sales troll.
  • Everyone needs to weigh-in at the same time, location, and on the same scale.
  • Take a before photo of every contestant.
  • Find someone (like me) that can offer any advice on anyone who may have questions or quickly hit a wall and wants to give up. Realistically probably up to half of your group will fall off the wagon. You want to do your best to keep as many people engaged as possible.

Next week I will be posting our starting slim-down information!

Until then HELLO PIZZA 🙂

Happy Reading

oXoX H