As promised it’s March and that means awareness month for my disease. My first article is to the parent readers. If you have a daughter she has a 1 in 10 chance of having Endometriosis. Think of your daughter hanging out with 10 of her closest friends. At least one of those girls is going to have this life changing disease.  It will also likely take her 8-10 years of struggling to even be taken seriously enough for a Dr. to begin to diagnose her.

So my advice today is get familiar and uncomfortable with your child and her period.


I never knew my “periods” we abnormal because no one told me what the heck normal was. I grew up in a house full of women as long as there were tampons in the cabinet who cared right? Hindsight and years of research into Endometriosis I now know I showed symptoms almost immediately after my first period and I was in 4th or 5th grade.  I wasn’t officially diagnosed until my early 20’s and struggled aimlessly until almost 30.

So please while no one wants to talk about heavy flow, clotting, cyst, pain beyond the normal ache, and so many other things I urge you to at least touch on these things and make a safe environment for conversation. Hey I have a teenage boy and we use texting to talk about uncomfortable stuff. Even if he is a room away, then we can giggle and no one has to feel embarrassed. The internet can be empowering but it can also be scary. So maybe don’t turn them loose to search for information. Below is a link to some helpful info!

What is Endometriosis


Happy Reading

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