Wow, I am slacking on blogging lately. It does seem the whole world is Vlogging these days and I am just awkward on camera so I just don’t. Besides I happen to like the written word. I like being able to sit and read and not have to wait to watch a video because I am in a crowded room of children and someone may drop the F-bomb mid video.

Anyway on to the task at hand, I am going to say what every trainer on earth does not want to tell you. Why you ask? I keep it real so BOOM…..

Here it is… Wait for it….it’s coming….


You actually can change your diet and be faithful to it and the scale will move. In a lot of cases if it is a struggle to control diet and exercise I would probably recommend that you start with just controlling the diet. Take it at your pace, it will last longer that way. It’s no giant secret I lost an oogle of weight on meal replacements. As the story goes “when I knew better, I did better” I don’t knock them, even now. I know that to some people food is so much of an issue that avoiding it until it’s not is the only way to make it through.

BUT HAILEY THEY AREN’T HEALTHY- Well neither was that SuperSonic meal with a route 44 Dr. Pepper!

If you go about it the right way and are still consuming the needed calories for your body to work properly they are an okay alternative. If you are looking into something like this the market is never ending, shoot me a message and I will give you my honest opinion of the product at hand. No judging, no sales pitch!

Back to the task at hand, I lost 37 lbs with not a whole lot more exercise than chasing my kids and dogs. Then, someone called me Skinny Fat and it hurt my feelers beyond belief. Yes they were right but I had worked really hard to get that weight off. I was proud of me, which was the most important thing.

Here is where the trainer kicks back in, so here I am sitting at 115 lbs. of skeleton. I have my body fat % calculated and it shocks me that it’s not so much different than when I weighed 155 lbs. Why? What the Frack?

Reason being, I have ZERO muscle mass. Muscle help us burn calories. I like to put it as the more you have.. the more you get to eat 🙂

If you are walking a marathon (it’s much more than a mile) in my shoes, you have now lost an oogle of weight and you realize that you got a lot of skin hanging around in places you do not want and it’s probably time to exercise. (Had I just exercised to begin with my body would have use my muscle mass to tighten up that skin instead of burning off my muscle along with the weight. Also if I use the term muscle mass and your brain just flashed to the girl version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, we need to have a chat about your brains misconceptions of what muscle is. ) Along with my lovely health issues, starting to exercise was so exhausting and I rarely left the gym feeling anything but defeated. Again, I had no muscle to help out with that part. So I did it the hard way and built from scratch. I still try to avoid the scale because as a former fat gone flab girl when I see what the number says I picture in my head what that looked like on the way down. It doesn’t look the same on the way up the muscle scale but it’s a hard transition!

So Where to start? What to pick? Are you as overwhelmed as I am?

I like to say FITNESS is one of the biggest words in the dictionary. It contains things such as mall walking all the way to powerlifting and everything in between. It doesn’t require the sun to shine or you to buy a gym membership. It is exactly what you make it out to be, 100% customizable to your needs. Try them all or as many as your heart desires. You are going to hate most of them but somewhere along the way it will click in with something you can no longer do without.  Please don’t make this a over complicated process, I being a woman know that we do this all too often and then we have stressed ourselves into the dairy queen parking lot!

At the end of the day the benefits of being healthy are never ending. You don’t need to be a trainer or sell some MLM product to be an inspiration or motivation for those around you. You simply have to try, and when it doesn’t always work you get back up again and try some more. It really isn’t about the number on the scale. The feature photo up there explains that one, I am definitely not satisfied with my reflection but I am damn sure happy with it. There is something to be said for feeling good about yourself, it radiates over into every other part of your life. Last.. Don’t be a stingy complimenter! If you think someone (of either sex) looks good or has great hair or triceps ( HeHe) by gosh tell them!! You can compliment someone in a non-sexual manner I promise it’s possible!

Happy Reading

oXoX H