It is hunting season here in Oklahoma, that is not quite the type of hunting I am talking about. I wrote a blog about this a few years ago. I just feel like it need a little refresher training! –I used to be FAT!

We are fast approaching the diet industry’s hunting season. Promoters of all kinds of products are already trolling your pages and posting little hints about holiday weight gain. You may not even notice you have a giant target on your back, but I promise you do.

If you know anything about me you know I am not going to bash someone’s line. I have used meal replacements as a stepping stone before and sometimes I still throw one in my day. If it’s between a shake or a missed meal I am going with the shake every time! It’s hard to eat chicken and rice in a car! I just want to prepare you so you don’t pick something that will not work for you and you end up discouraged at the bottom of a peppermint bark bag hating life.

So when trying to decide if someone’s products are the right fit for you keep these tips in mind.

  • Affordability – If times get tight, will this be the first thing you ditch to be able to pay your electric bill? If that is the case don’t do it.
  • Sampling – Some products taste like toothpaste coated chalky dirt. You will only force yourself to take it for so long before you gag at the thought of opening the container. Being able to taste it before hand will give you a great idea of how compatible it is with your palate and your body. Don’t chance a bad reaction and you now have a 6 month supply of stuff that gives you hives!
  • The Quick Fix– Healthy weight-loss is not 8 lbs. in 8 days. In order to achieve lasting results you have got to take a serious look into the long haul. If you drop  20 lbs. and fall of the wagon and never get back on your 20 lbs. are coming back. Once the weight is gone you can switch to more of a maintain plan than a weight-loss plan but as cliche as it sounds it’s a LIFESTYLE not a goal with an end destination.
  •  That MLM thing– You know what I am talking about. Not everyone who belongs to a MLM is a shark, but a large majority are. Find someone who wants to talk about the products and their results first. If the first words out of their mouth is about how they are rolling the extra cash and can teach you how to do it quickly… RUN!
  • Research– Google is A-FLIPPING-MAZING type in good & bad reviews of the products. After you take in the good and bad reviews then make a decision on what is best.

Mainly you know your body and your wallet! Do what is best for them and don’t base that decision on anything or anyone else. Your health is most definitely a thing to be selfish with. As always I am not a rep/salesperson/promoter/coach for ANYONE, but I have no problem giving you an opinion on a line or pointing you in the direction of someone who is. If I refer you to them, you can bet it’s on their moral compass and not their success with a brand.

Happy Thanksgiving- Gobble Gobble