Well summer is here and so is the swimsuit body you worked (or didn’t work) so hard for. Maybe you’re going to the beach or on a cruise. Maybe you are going to just be a lake bum or hit the local water parks. Either way, the heat is here and the need for less clothes is upon us. So what are you going to do about it now? That body won’t maintain itself, especially after a few bbq’s and late night bon fires.

Fit Myth- You workout so you can eat whatever you want and maintain.

I am blogging from the highway as I am on my way home from the week on the south Texas beach. Any long period in a swim suit stresses me out. I am a woman, it’s a natural response. I don’t think I know any woman who has ever said to me, “I just love the way this swimsuit fits.” I have missed so many fun things with my family and friends by hating my body so much that I just check out when it comes to these situations. Now to me it’s a trial and error process, I still hate to be in a swimsuit, I just hate it less, It’s a process of what makes my body look the least terrible and offers the greatest chance of not malfunctioning in public. This is as much for my family as it is for me. I am all for embarrassing my teenager but falling out of my top at White Water is not on the how-to list.

Small Prep- Huge Difference

Preparation is definitely the key to not blowing all your hard work while on vacation. It also doesn’t need to be over the top, here are some simple things can help.


Snacking- C-stores are very hit and miss on healthy options. So I headed to Walmart to grab some snacks that were friendlier to my eating plan. Unless you have an ice chest or freezable bags chose mostly dry stuff. If you have those options cheese sticks and fruit are always great options. This also ends up being a money saver. If you have kids it becomes a significant money saver.


Find a way to exercise Most modern hotels have some form of a gym. We actually got super lucky and ours had a full set of free weights, a cable rack, and cardio equipment. We try to workout at least every other day when we are traveling. It’s not the same workout we would get if we were at home but it’s enough to keep the mojo up. It’s also a nice escape to bring mommy back some sanity after the “are we there yet” comments.20150603_175101

Last but not least… FOOD! Right now half of you reading checked out because the mentality to most people is- I am on vacation I am not watching what I am eating. Well if you have been following a good eating plan that eating a weeks worth of crap will send you into a fetal position on your motel floor! Again, prepare: If you are going to a BBQ tonight don’t gorge on the buffet line at lunch. By all means you are on vacation, try new things, eat things you don’t normally eat and drink something with an umbrella. Just don’t let this be your excuse to try for the title of the crab cake eating king!

Don’t let one week of vacation ruin everything you have been working so hard for. Yes slack a little but being healthy should never have an end game. You need to make this a way of life. If you haven’t even started your road down this path, what better time than now?

What are you missing out on because you aren’t comfortable in your own skin?