Being a girl in the gym can be so awkward, being a girl in the weight room can beflat-out traumatic! So I wanted to give you some tips to overcome some of the stigmata. First, there are always at home programs. They however require much more focus and dedication than going to a gym. Why you may ask? Well, when you are at home you have to force yourself to get up and do p90x over the laundry or watching the newest episode of Orange is the New Black. If you chose that route and you can do it well than get your sweat on girlfriend! If you’re like me and this is not something you have in you, let’s talk about how to overcome the big scary place called a gym.

1.Visit a couple gyms.

Take a tour of several places in your area. Take into consideration things like cost, contract, and classes. Also while you are there, people watch. Seriously if it looks like it’s a gym full of meat-heads you’re probably going to get extreme anxiety every time you think about going near them. This needs to be somewhere you can consider your “happy place” so don’t associate it with fear.

2. Take a class

If you are completely new to this whole fitness thing, find somewhere that offers beginner classes. It would also help to try out several types of classes. I always tell people FITNESS is a huge word, find the kind of fitness that makes you want to do it. Example: I tried a spin class, because I have friends who adore and live for the 20 miles of spinnful delight. Guess what, HATED it. I could not run back to the weight rack fast enough. Zumba: same scenario I am so uncoordinated, I am sure I give the instructor a great laugh. But that class is packed full every night of the week with women getting their shake on! I do love some body pump/tabata classes though. So make this all about you.

3.Make this about you.

Especially mom’s, but women in general I feel are just designed to put other’s first. This needs to be about you, for you! Nothing more, nothing less!

4.Buddy System

Just like in elementary school, there is power in numbers. Find a buddy whose goals align with your’s. I can’t stress that this has been the most important thing in my journey. I hated working out, I hated going to the gym with my husband. One night a friend I work with who happened to go to the same gym as me asked if we wanted to meet and workout.  Changed my whole perspective of the gym. Our weightroom is downstairs at our gym, we used to stand above it and tremble in terror to go down there. We were able to conquer that hurdle together and now we walk in like we own the joint!


It’s just that simple, Headphones in world off! You don’t have to make eye contact with anyone either!

6.Avoid Peak Hours

For intimidation and sanity, crowded gyms are no fun. The end!


It really is possibly the greatest invention ever. If you don’t know how to do an exercise or what a piece of equipment is, go to YouTube and type it in. Instantly you will find dozens of how-to videos. I have done this more times than I can count.

8.The Meat Heads

Whatever you call them, every gym has them. However, most of the people you think are the big bad wolf are probably not. I have found that most people in the gym are approachable, once you get it in your head that they can be. After awhile, you will come to know those people as “your people”. They are in a pack of people because they are just like you trying to utilize their buddy system and up their confidence too.

9.Learn to laugh at your mistakes.

Everyone at some time makes a big “Oh Crap” moment. Misses a box on a jump, loses their grip and almost face plants, or maybe even has a treadmill accident! Laugh about it, yes other’s are going to laugh to but it’s ok because chances are they have done it to. Everyone is judgy in some way and if you laugh about it, it will go away faster than you think!

Last- learn to take a compliment.

Just because someone in the gym tells you, nice back, don’t automatically take it as a jab or a flirt! They may really just mean wow, nice back. You are in there working hard to improve it so feel accomplished when someone notices all the hard work you are putting in.

“To escape fear you have to go through it, not around it.”