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Meet Sam

Sam is a licensed cosmetologist and makeup artist who owns SpaLon located in Liberal, KS. She has trained under internationally recognized celebrity makeup artist Lori Neopolitan. Sam is passionate about helping women realize their true beauty. “The best part of my job is when women can’t stop looking at their reflection and leave my chair with a whole new confidence”

Meet Stephanie
I graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelors degree in Business Marketing. I always pictured myself as a fashion loving big city girl. However my heart led me to Southwest Kansas where I am living the life of a farmer’s wife.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, although I’m not going to lie I will never adjust to the creepy crawling or slithering creatures out here! Picking up a camera and capturing the emotions of a memory sparked something in me I just couldn’t ignore, so in 2013 I took the leap from my 9 to 5 and opened the studio. I’ve traveled all over the nation to mentor with some of top photographers so I am able to give each client a one of a kind experience. To me it’s about so much more than taking a pretty picture. When you look in the mirror your reflection is rarely the beauty the world sees. I want my sessions to help people see their inner beauty, build confidence, and give them a reason to love themselves. 

The Studio

Our boutique studio is located in downtown Liberal, it’s equipped with Salon facilities for the ease and comfort of our clients. ….

EDIT:I typed this 3 months ago and never published it because I was teetering between it’s none of your damn business and I am not ashamed anymore so here it is.

I always preach about being an open book and some days that bites me in the ass! So since it seems to be a hot topic for gossip and someone let the cat out of the bag.

I have worked very hard to have the body I want to have. There is a very large thing hindering that from happening. You see when I didn’t care squat about myself and let my health get largely out of control ( this is me owning it and not using my issues as a crutch) I was a big girl. No secret there, so I have managed to make most of my body look like I am not a spokes person for a tire company, my stomach will not get with the program. It’s skin, it hangs, it’s gross and nothing will change that except having it removed.  There it is.. I am having a tummy tuck!

I saw Dr. Jones and while he gave me a really great pep talk about how far I have come, that it wasn’t fat- it’s skin, that I really did have abs under there with maybe a small separation that hopefully isn’t even worth dealing with, some scar tissue, and how proud I should be. He also followed with deflated balloons never look the same. So removing it is my option on the table.

Before you jump to being Judgemental Judy: I have had almost a year to process this, almost a year to make the decision and don’t think that everything you are going to say hasn’t already gone through my mind.  On a good day I am a size 2-4 which should be enough right? Then comes the mom guilt, followed by spending the money on myself. Taking time off in my business can be seriously detrimental to my career. I will have to have my favorite tattoo fixed because part of it will be removed. I HAVE THOUGHT OF ALL THE REASONS WHY NOT. However I am settling on I am doing this for me, because I have worked hard and I deserve this!

Flash Foward: Surgery was November 2nd. I will be post a new update soon, I am still super swollen and recovering but doing great!

Finding time to breathe

Recently I spent a weekend out in the sticks, sketchy cell phone service and all. Also let’s talk about this cabin for a few… This swing was on the 2nd floor balcony and I spent both mornings up here just chilling with nothing but coffee and the sound of the critters in the woods!(I will leave a link to the cabin info at the bottom of this post, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.)

So anyway this was a much needed trip to reset the clocks and clear the mind. I know I am not the only one who completely over loads my life to the point where by the end of the day I have zero time for myself. It’s never that I do it intentionally but between work and the mom life it just happens. So my goal is to force more time for me and more time for my friends because laughing definitely is good for the soul!

Now while I am no “me time” expert I am pretty sure that my kids won’t starve to death or need counseling from the lack of attention they get. I know some of you are just so terrified that if for one second you aren’t there for your children that the world will come crashing down… it won’t. The laundry and dirty house will still be there… like no seriously no one else will touch it while you are gone because that is where the end of the world happens! BUT everyone will be okay when you check back in! The same goes for you work-o-holics.  Work will still be there and you might actually be revived enough to tackle the stack in the corner of your office!

So shut off the notifications, put down the iPad, and relax and have some fun! After all it’s summer time enjoy it!

This is the link to the cabin we stayed at. It deserves all the of 5 stars I give it.  Broken Bow/Hochatown is a gorgeous area full of fun outdoor stuff. With access to both the lake & the river, whatever water sports you decide to try are available.  We went kayaking which was a blast it was my first time and I was really surprised that I loved every second of it. Even getting stuck on the rocks in the middle of some falls lol. I will add the link to that below also! Lastly, adult stuff……. with several wineries, a distillery, and 2 breweries this small community meets all of your adult tasting needs.

Bear Mountain Lodging- Rustic Romance

Yippe Kayo Kayaks



Happy Reading – Now go to something for you

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When timehop ruins your day!

Have you ever had a photo pop up in your memories that hits you like a ton of freaking bricks? Well I did last week. It was a post from 2015 being the anniversary of my hysterectomy photos. It was like a knife to the dang gut. Man I was lean! It also came at a time where I am really having to think about losing my last ovary. Am I still a girl if internally I have no anatomy of one? I mean my boobs are fake so they don’t even count!

First step: Acknowledge what happened.

I have bitten off more than I can chew. I know that, it’s a bad habit of mine. I became a trainer to be training people! Yet, somehow I am teaching 6 classes a week spending more energy on everyone else’s bodies and less and less on my own. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my classes, I LOVE the people I get to interact with because of them and I 99.999% of the time have fun doing it. However, again the more I teach the less energy I have for my body. I can train all day long and still lift. I cannot teach 2 classes and get in a adequate session on myself without eating 2,500 calories consisting mostly of coffee creamer and carbs! In the 2015 photo I was only at 2 classes a week.  On top of that, there is the mom life.. 2 boys, 2 PTA’s (um if you think that isn’t time consuming give it a shot), football, archery, LAUNDRY (why does it never end?), and 14-21 days of being the only parent in my household at a time. It’s taken a toll. I haven’t even had time to write, which makes me super sad because this is one of my favorite outlets.

Recently I turned a trip to Kentucky which was 3-4 of on the road eating into my mother-in-law passing away to kid turning 15, holiday weekend, trip to pack up her stuff, HUGE EMOTIONAL DRAMA, trip for funeral, and a weekend trip to try and bring life back into order. (That last part really did help. Being out in the woods with nothing but thoughts and coffee really does seem to calm the crazy.) So I turned that one trip into a month long shitfest of crap! I either didn’t eat at all or ate everything in sight. I am a go big or go home type of girl obviously. The worst part here is this is my job so I 100% know what I am doing isn’t doing anything productive.

Now to fix it:

I wallowed in my pity party for a few days. To be honest I am still wallowing but I have at least been productive in my misery. I had a friend asses me Friday morning. I went to target and bought a notebook to track all my activity and put my macro app back on my phone.  I am working on making my own plan, my own way, and trying really really hard to shut out the voices in my head.

I am trying to lighten the load. This means giving up some classes. Yes I hate it, but I have to. On top of that I really want to start working towards my ISSA Master Trainer certification and I cannot do all of that with this schedule.

So here is my promise to myself: It’s okay to cry and get mad when life deals you a shitty hand but you don’t like to play poker anyway so move on. Drink the glass of wine, fit it into your macros first lol. Make more time to just sit and be you. In a driveway with the people you love or on the back porch with nothing but the sound of the annoying baby birds in the nest.  Give 100% when it comes to your body and maybe 95% to everyone else 🙂 They won’t hate you if you skip out on the burpees.



Happy Reading

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Inspire Me-March

I had already written this out when she sent me these new updates photos yesterday so I had to do some tweaking because um WOW!! This month I am featuring Jess. Jess and I came to know each other through a mixed up photo during our times doing Body By Vi. We have a lot in common as far as our journeys through the scales. What inspires me about her is not that first leap we made to come out of the fluffy factory. Don’t get me wrong it was hard, but when life hit’s you again and again and even though you may trip 9 times in the mud of life she continues to get back up. Sometimes it takes long conversations with others or even long conversations with yourself but she still get back up!


Check her out in Instagram!

As you can read in this photo this was about 2 months before getting pregnant with baby number three.  Keep in mind by this point home girl has had twins and dropped an OOGLE of weight.


This is where life gets ugly! After baby number three Jess began struggling to get the weight off. As many of us experienced, carrying children often decreases our thyroid function. Myself included in that. Battling hormones is quite possibly one of the most frustrating health issues ever. No matter what you do or put into your body sometimes it’s just never enough. Once you are in check it can be the slightest little thing that kicks you out of wack and then poof you’re back on the struggle bus again.


As if that wasn’t enough to drive you batty. Life then dealt her Psoriasis. What do doctors give you for this? STERIODS!! So have fun trying to lose weight while your body is retaining every little everything people.20170301_072907 Having myself battled my body more than times than I can count, it’s so easy to just give in. You have a bad day or two and your emotions get the best of you and all the sudden you are deep into the river of depression. You do not want to be seen, or touched, or even communicate with the outside world. All the sudden the fun loving life person you were gets locked into a closet and they key is tossed in the opposite direction.

I wish I could say that is all this amazing girl has had to overcome. Her most recently battle has been being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. Which explains the thyroid issues. In one hand there is a sense of relief when you get a diagnosis because it proves to yourself and the world that you really aren’t crazy. That there is actually something wrong and it’s not all in your head. On the other hand this is her 2nd auto immune diagnoses.

Come December: None of this has killed her or her spirit. We started with some short intense HIIT workouts. She has a super busy schedule and 25-30 minutes was the max time she could fit into her schedule. So HIIT was a perfect choice. I am pretty sure if I sent her one more workout with a mountain climber that she was going to figure out how to punch me through Facetime! She keeps going though because well that is what she is, she is a fighter even if she doesn’t always realize it herself.  This photo is December to Feb. 28th. People she dropped like 19 lbs. in December. I am pretty sure most of us found the weight she managed to drop that month in a sugar cookie coma 🙂img_1568


So at the end of the day when ALL THIS is going on. On top of everyday mom/wife/family life and drama we all go through, she refuses to give up.

So what is your excuse?


Happy Reading oXox




The post I didn’t want to type


I realized years ago the power of putting emotions down on these pages. I began my first blog at a really dark time and somehow putting these words into print some how sorted the crazy in my brain. Then people began to react and let me know that my writing did something for them. My random ramblings of crazy was making perfect sense to someone out there. If you read through my former blog you will see that I tried so many different routes to find my happy place. I tried so many options to be healthy and look certain ways. Some gave me peace and some absolutely did not and sent me further down the rabbit hole.20161007_115745

Lately I get a lot of comments from people around me that usually start with “your skinny, you don’t understand” to “what you weigh like a buck o’five?” I’ve been in your shoes and I still don’t like the reflection I see in the mirror. I have days my pants don’t fit, it’s upsetting at any weight when that happens. I have days nothing I try on looks right. My point here isn’t that your being a jerk! It’s that while I am proud of the work I have put in to get to where I am today but I still see those flaws.. JUST..LIKE..YOU!


To most the world you see this. An average decent shaped girl who spends a lot of time focusing on the way she looks. You’re mostly right.

However I am about to share the worst photo I have ever taken with you, the photo that no matter how hard I try it stays the same.  After taking this photo I sat on the floor and cried for a good 10 minutes. Because once again I went down the rabbit hole, I knew I shouldn’t but I did it anyway. I knew exactly what it would look like. I see this problem at least 10 times a week, when I am with a client, alone working out and teaching class. Every time I hold a plank I get a first hand shot of the damage I did to my body because I just didn’t care. Because I put other things and other people ahead of my own health. You see all the weight-loss and muscle gain in the world will not make this “perfect again.”It’s nothing more than hanging skin reminding me of past failures.  Can you use this defeat as an excuse to not continue the lifestyle I have fought so hard for?

If you don’t know how to face those demons then my friends it is time to reach out and find a friend or even more severe situations a professional. There is nothing wrong with seeking help or finding an outlet with like minded people. Wallowing in emotions is never healthy.


Maybe your situation where you stare into the mirror and don’t like what is staring back at you has nothing to do with physical appearance. Maybe when you look in the mirror what plagues you is more than “skin deep.” But I promise you that whatever that may be, somewhere .. someone on this planet has the exact same feeling and emotions you do. You can choose to reach out, wake up and take the life that was given to you by the horns or you can sit and wallow in those thoughts and feelings. Make no mistake, how you deal with the deck of cards you have been dealt most definitely defines you as a person. Today be the person who fights back instead of standing in fear that flipping a card is going to cause you to bust.

Spot Reduction

Question of the week:

What can I do to reduce my fat in my(_________)? This is most of the times an Ab question to me.

So here is the answer. No matter what cool Pinterest exercise pin you found on spot reducing it’s just not true. I am referencing abs here because it’s the most common question I get but it is really true for any section of your body. Fat is Fat, your body doesn’t know the difference between burning fat during a crunch and burning fat during a push-up.  The answer to it is simply get moving, get your body burning fat. Spot training is only relevant in building muscle. Abs are a muscle, you want to strengthen your core then yes do those crunches and planks. You want to fill out those flabby arms then yes do those curls.



People who inspire me- February

It always means the world to me when I can hear that something I did or posted inspired someone. So today I wanted to give a couple shout out’s to people who are killing it and inspire me! My goal is to feature a couple of you every month who keep my spirits up and keep my drive inspired. If I put you all in one post it would be so long that you’d never read through it! So sorry in advance for snatching your photo’s but they really were too amazing for the world not to see.


First up- Amber

Amber is a mommy and rockstar hairstylist. She first started coming to my classes in the spring and I instantly though she was adorable but now people she’s smoking hot! Not just her physical appearance has changed either, her confidence is radiant! fb_img_1487095818793

Next up is Ms. Natalie

I think the first time I met her she made it well known she was not at the gym by choice but because she was being dragged by a friend. I laughed because it so much reminded me of ME. Now she is 100% a regular in our gym, kicks butt with some of my most advanced people, and has even worn out a pair of choice legitly working out.


Last up for today:

Ms. Danyell WHO HAS LOST 100LBS. PEOPLE! 1-0-0 POUNDS……

Her hard work and dedication to making healthy changes puts a smile on my face every time she makes a post. You can just tell when it clicks for someone and the puzzle pieces start sliding right into place. She knows enough to know it’s not an easy ride but she keeps battling it anyway and that makes my heart happy. I left this photo as a screenshot so you can all go follow her Instagram and see how amazing she’s doing!





Client Spotlight: 8 Weeks

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple weeks now but life got in the way as usual!

Onto this awesomeness.. I have a client who entered into an 8 week weight-loss challenge. She really wanted a before and after shot she could be proud of and boy was that ever what she got.  I cross-train with her twice a week, pretty heavy on the weights and mix in some cardio also. I am not a running fan so that is rarely what I chose for my clients. We did do some sprints but if I had to choose the most used option it would be jump ropes and stationary bike.

I was beyond excited to see all that hard work pay off when she sent me these photos. She even had a week in there she had to be away at Camp with her daughter so I guess that’s really 7 weeks of training. I mean look at her abs and back muscles!!


Don’t be afraid of those weights ladies, they will do more for you than that treadmill ever dreamed of!  If your lost in that department, shoot me a message, I would love to help. img_20161119_122015

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